Syteline ERP Calibration Utility

This tool enables fine grained control over what needs to be calibrated, when it needs to be done, the instruments required to perform calibration and when they must be maintained. Since everything has its own schedule the calibration work can be spread out over periods of time instead of performed all at once. This turns calibration activities into more of an organizational process as opposed to an event

The calibration utility was built to solve the problems inherent in ensuring that required ancillary tools and equipment are properly maintained prior to production runs. This utility peers into Syteline’s Scheduler and compares the upcoming job list against the list of tools required for the job. It then produces a prioritized list of things requiring calibration. Non value added activities are eliminated by requiring both a job AND a past due calibration date before tools/equipment are flagged for calibration. The calibration utility also focuses on the instruments used to perform calibration work (calipers, gauges, etc.) by placing them on their own calibration schedule.