Syteline ERP Forecast Upload Tool

Take the Syteline forecast data entry process and turn it into minutes…

The forecast upload tool takes disparate excel lists of customer forecast data, converts them into Syteline Forecast records, and then automatically uploads them. Without this application the process of entering customer forecast data can take an individual days to complete, depending on the quantity of customers. Having a forecast in Syteline is an essential part of leveraging its ability to recommend jobs, purchase orders, and customer orders to satisfy prospective demand. However, manually getting a customer’s forecast data into a format that can be entered into Syteline is a time consuming and laborious process. This application takes that whole process and turns it into minutes!

I don’t make a free version available for download because customization is required in order to match the excel lists provided by your customer. To get you started using this application I would simply require a sample of the forecast data so I could customize it for you.