Cloud Based Supplier Portal for Syteline ERP

The newest release of the application is currently being demonstrated for WireTech Fabricators, Inc..

The suppler portal was created to streamline the procurement process for outside resources in Syteline ERP. Syteline uses what it calls Outside Resources for performing operations by third party entities on manufactured goods; these services or operations need to be purchased via the software. The issues that companies face when implementing this functionality is that by relinquishing their inventory to outside providers they not only lose visibility into what phase of the manufacturing process their product is in, they also lose much of the automation functionality provided by Syteline (ERP, APS, Material Planner Workbench, Job PO X-ref, etc.).

The Supplier Portal solves those problems by creating a bi-directional communication mechanism (leveraging Syteline Notes and Vendor Requests) which are used to tightly integrate the activities performed by third party entities into Syteline ERP. This is accomplished by leveraging Syteline’s Purchase Orders, Customer Orders, Transfer Orders and Warehouse Inventory to generate a set of instructions for Outside Providers regarding what needs to be accomplished with product. Furthermore, since all aforementioned transactions are already required there is no additional work to be performed by the Syteline Users.

When used properly the Syteline Supplier Portal will provide live Inventory counts (a prerequisite for MRP and APS) and fine grained control of the costs and movement of product requiring procured services.